The Top 5 Best Freelancing Platforms for Beginners

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The Top 5 Best Freelancing Platforms for Beginners (and How They Work)

Freelancing is a great way to make money from home. It’s also a great way to find your niche and explore different career opportunities.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, choosing the right platform for you can be hard.

Here are 5 top freelancing platforms for beginners that will help get you started on your journey as a freelancer.



Freelancing Platforms for Beginners Surfers Market is a full-featured platform to help freelancers find gigs, sign up for opportunities, manage time, take care of administrative and marketing tasks, and interact with customers.

This platform allows freelancers to boost their earning potential and professional visibility.

Freelance Critique Freelance Critique is a freelance site that helps freelancers improve their work.

You can find gigs from other freelancers that match your skills when you sign up with the site. You can also sell your work to other freelancers through the platform.

The website lets you do all these from a secure website. is a popular freelancing platform that enables you to get paid, manage invoices, track your time and taxes, and file your taxes.


How freelancing websites work

Freelancing websites are like job boards. You get jobs, and you apply for them by going through a simple process.

You can use free templates to customize your profile. You can add a list of skills and start posting your job.

The website will track your job application and send it to prospective clients or recruiters if you are selected. It is a very flexible way to earn money online.

Easy as pie and better than the traditional jobs, these sites make you reach out to prospective clients and sign up for work. The average person goes to a random page of the website to look for a job.

But you can customize your approach by creating a personal page where you can write about yourself and your skills. This page is more popular than the normal one.


The Best Freelancing Platforms for Beginners




UpWork is a professional network for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

It was founded in 2002 in San Francisco by Paul Greenberg, Brad Coffey, and Jonathan Figlar.

UpWork helps freelancers build their skills and connect with thousands of businesses that want to hire them. It has an impressive customer feedback rating of 4.2 stars on Google Play and 4.4 stars on iTunes.

UpWork offers free and paid services. The free service allows you to post your services and get feedback from potential clients.

You also get to earn at least $1.25 per job you do with the company.

UpWork also offers a pay-per-job service, which enables you to search for jobs and start earning.



About Freelancer, Freelancer is a dedicated platform for freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

This platform has its profile with information on several categories: Photography, Graphics, Design, Education, Writing, Productivity, Visual Art, and Live Events. You can bid on jobs or make offers.

It works by connecting people. It is a flexible platform that allows you to accept employment based on your own needs.

Freelancer also offers an integrated payments system that is similar to PayPal.

Freelancer provides many features like daily offers, reviews, and ratings, costs, and time. Freelancer is one of the most popular online platforms for freelancers.

It has millions of users that work together every day to offer practical and unique work to their clients.


People Per Hour

People Per Hour (PPH) is one of the best websites to pick up freelance jobs online.

PPH is one of the best jobs websites that lets you go through hundreds of jobs from its database.

Freelance Now Freelance Now is an online freelance marketplace that enables you to earn money through your online work. You need to create your profile with photos and then get paid instantly.

Freelance Now charges a flat rate of $10 per job and makes most of the jobs available on the website.

Work From Home Work from Home is an online marketplace that offers various jobs like design services, web design, blog writing, and more.

The platform allows freelance writers to list their work on the website so that the thousands of companies looking for writers can look at their portfolios.


Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom is a job website dedicated to moms and mums. This website offers entertainment, catering, cleaning, security, restaurant, and hotel sectors.

For these jobs, you can sign up with your profile, which will help the company keep track of all your communications.

You can search for jobs by industry, location, or keyword. Hire My Mom matches you with jobs based on the details of your profile.

You can choose to pay per job and on a schedule that is convenient for you.

A good number of people like this job site because it allows them to earn money in a speedy way and in a fun way.



This is a website that is popular among those who are interested in finding potential employers.

With this platform, you can get a chance to advertise your skills to various companies online.

Use the website to see the opportunities that are advertised on the website.

And if you see the ones you like, you can choose the one you want and request an interview.

The workers also get a chance to find freelancers to work for them.

Freelancer Manager an excellent place for beginners, Freelancer Manager offers hourly rates in different categories.



You may have decided to become a freelancer by yourself or perhaps with a bit of help from a freelancer.

Whatever the case, you need to research for yourself and determine the correct type of freelancing website to select.

Freelance platforms can help you meet your needs and ensure that you are paid for your work.

Once you find the best freelancing platform for you, there are quite a several avenues to earn from it.

You can save some time by using the best job sites that match your skills and interests.

Before you begin your search, be sure to have a clear idea of what you want to do and what skills you have in your business cards.


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