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Podcasting is an audio or video file that can be subscribed to online. Podcasts are usually free, except for some premium content.


They offer various topics and formats and can be listened to on any device with an internet connection. Why should you start a podcasting business?


There are many benefits for creating your own business, one being the ability to set your hours, another being the ability to be your boss.


If you’re considering starting a podcasting business for yourself, here’s everything you need to know about how to get started!


Meet the Requirements for PODCASTING BUSINESS

There are several things that you need to do to comply with Federal and State laws.


You will need to make sure that you are qualified to release and receive revenue for the program.


Also, make sure that you have current licensure to accept loans for audio.


There are a couple of other requirements, but you can figure those out on your own.


Even after those minor details are all worked out, there are still a few things that you will need to take care of.


You need to ensure that you do not conflict with your customers, and your business needs to be diverse.


This is very important because of how easy it is to get distracted. If you have a relationship with one client, you might neglect another customer.




Choose Your Podcasting Type

When you think of podcasting, you probably think of the format of the audio podcast:


The host (or narrator), plus a list of guests on the show. With a long-form podcast, you could have 2-4 hours’ worth of audio recorded in a month.


Short-form podcasts offer a condensed version of that same content. Podcasting could be for everyone, especially if you want to hear the real story behind your favorite TV shows, music, or products.


Keep in mind, however, that audio podcasts are not all created equal.


If you want to monetize your podcast and make a profit, then a more extended form podcast is a good bet, as is audio for business purposes.


Prepare Your Audio File

When preparing your podcast, you will need to prepare several audio files that you will use to deliver the show.


You will need to create a master version of your podcast file and several other versions that include a “greatest hits” list of the best stories, interviews, and additional information that was most relevant to your audience.


Record An Interview If you want your show to be listened to by a large audience, you will need to find a local person who can act as your “interviewee.”


You can also record your show with your voice, or you can find other people willing to be interviewed.


Research Your Business Idea The more research you do about starting your podcast business, the more options you will have to select the best business opportunity.


Improve your iTunes Ranking

With an available market of around 150 million regular listeners, iTunes is the best place to start your podcast business.


Create a free account with iTunes so that you can create, edit, and upload any podcast.


You can create as many episodes of an audio podcast as you want. iTunes will give you a free title and artist if you agree to use their iTunes platform.


You can search for podcasts within this platform or create your own using any niche you want.


Download the iTunes software and music player here.


Create a professional website Create a custom website with your company name, contact information, URL and industry information.


Choose a website host that is reliable and offers its web presence.




Create an Advertising Campaign

Choose a great-sounding name and look up a domain name, as well as registering the domain name with your name.


You may already have a domain name you use for other businesses, but make sure you put your podcast’s name on the domain.


Some podcasters create a sub domain with the name of their podcast, which allows listeners to subscribe to their podcast without having to register an account with a podcasting site.


Once you have started your podcast and have some content prepared, you should begin reaching out to the press and media to promote your podcast.


Your goal is to get attention, so you will need to research what types of publications and media outlets pay attention to podcasts.


By doing this research, you can also learn how to reach these media outlets.


Market Yourself and Grow Your Audience

To grow your audience, you need to market yourself.


However, start from the top and sign up with services that allow you to build a database.


The audience will come once you gain credibility within your niche. Once you have acquired an audience, they will start coming back for more.


However, you need to have some form of content that they can listen to. The most popular form of this content is audio.


The Subscription Option This is the most convenient option for those who cannot provide an audio version of their podcast.


You simply provide a good quality of entertainment and offer a monthly subscription.


Subscribers have the opportunity to choose the content they wish to listen to. Some people choose to listen to podcasts relating to their work.


Monetize your Podcast

Before you even start your podcast, you must make it profitable.


Start by monetizing your podcast by selling advertising space. It will give you the necessary funds to ensure that you will never be out of work and that your podcast will not remain dead in the water.


To make a living, your audience needs to get what they want. Creating a successful podcast means creating a brand that attracts listeners.


You have found the perfect way to attract your audience. Become an Internet Marketing Expert Once you have created a podcast; the next step is to become a leader in the online business world.


You want to monetize your expertise by posting the information you have learned on your website and earning money for it.



A podcasting business isn’t an accessible business to start, and it’s not one for the faint of heart.


However, if you are ready to enter the market and establish yourself as a leader in your field, it is certainly worth the effort.


Start today, and take your audience with you.


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