Start a Video Production Business in 2021: 5 Essential Tips

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Video content is more popular than ever. Video marketing is the best way to connect with customers.


It’s also a great opportunity for freelancers to start their businesses. Video production is a competitive field, but it’s not impossible to get your foot in the door.


Here are 5 essential tips for launching your video production business in 2021.


What is the best way to get started?

This may seem like an obvious question, but it is a question with a multitude of answers.


The first thing to remember is that starting your own video production company takes serious capital.


The real money is in selling video production services. The good news is that video production services are the most lucrative way to make a living at the video.


The only way to make the most of this kind of money is to market your services aggressively.


Video marketing tools can help. The most robust ones, by far, are webinars.


If you’re going to start your own video production company, you should focus on learning how to use video marketing to your advantage.


How do I get funding for my video production business?

Here’s the deal, however: You don’t need a ton of capital to get rolling.


Since everyone is getting in on the video production game, new clients are always looking for creative video solutions.


Today, most websites and applications will let you bring in video assets and press images for review without charging you a penny.


And if a client decides to move forward with the project, you can start recording the project in earnest and hire your team members for the in-between and post-production phase.


More on this: How to secure money for your video production business And once you’ve made your first video.


You’ll be able to demonstrate to potential clients the value of video to their brand, generate your leads, and help your agency generate sales as you continue to grow.


What are the legal considerations I should make before opening a video production company?

The sheer cost of video content is what makes the world’s entertainment industry one of the highest-earning industries on earth.


In 2021, Forbes estimated that the entertainment and media industries collectively generated over $6.3 trillion in global sales and $445 billion in tax revenue.


In other words, there’s money to be made, and it’s all thanks to content. And for the majority of video production businesses, the company’s products or services often make up a huge percentage of the sales.


As a business owner, you need to consider whether to invest in certain legal formalities, especially if you have several business partners who are expected to invest money.


How do I find the right people to work on my project?

It’s no secret that you can get all of the talents you need onboard and ready to work in the last week or so of the year.


The problem is that many businesses have been hired for shoots that were scheduled years ago, and when January arrives, all of a sudden, the star talent that’s promised is nowhere to be found.


But if you know where to look, you can usually find qualified talent through a handful of connections.


If you’re looking to hire people for a short-term project that can be finished by the end of the year, they likely have something going on during December that gives them plenty of free time.


The secret is to be proactive and put out feelers to ensure you’re the first to go for business. Do I need a fancy camera or expensive lighting equipment?


What equipment do I need to start shooting videos?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of video production, there are some basic equipment items you should own and use to get started.


In a perfect world, you’d be shooting on high-quality film, but there’s no denying that most of us don’t have that option.


A standard video camera is essential for shooting video; any camera under $1,000 will suffice if you’re shooting clips.


Some cameras produce very high-resolution video in addition to HD (ultra-high definition) resolution, and some older cameras will capture raw video directly.


This allows you to edit raw video at the editing stage to adjust the color, contrast, and resolution as necessary without having to apply an effect after the fact.


How do I know what kind of work to take on?

If you want to make a name for yourself in the video production world, you’ll want to be taking on multiple clients.


As a solo video producer, you’ll need to look outside your typical sphere of operation.



You’ll likely want to have a project pipeline filled with work, and eventually, a successful budget that allows for a high level of production value.


Some experts recommend that you have at least six to seven ongoing projects at any one time.


And to be able to do that, you’ll need to have a stable of clients on your books.


At the same time, be realistic about the clients you take on. A start-up production company will generally be staffed with freelancers or temporary staff.



The above is just a brief list of what you’ll need to consider if you plan to launch a video production company.


There’s a great deal more to it than outlined here, but these considerations offer a very good starting point for your business.


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